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Our election map displays results from the General Election 2010 and the state of the political parties. Click through to more information on a constituency and its MP.

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Aldhelm - Wikipedia Aldhelm (c. 639 – 25 May 709), Abbot of Malmesbury Abbey, Bishop of Sherborne, Latin poet and scholar of Anglo-Saxon literature, was born before the middle of the 7th century.He is said to have been the son of Kenten, who was of the royal house of Wessex. He was certainly not, as his early biographer Faritius asserts, the brother of King Ine. After his death he was venerated as a saint, his.

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Sport: Latest Football, Boxing, Rugby League and Cricket. The latest sport news from across Liverpool and Merseyside covering football, boxing, rugby league and cricket.

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Oak Leaf Vineyard (RIPON, CA) - Wines, Reviews, and History Oak Leaf Vineyards is an under $5 range of wines produced in Ripon, California. These wines, an offshoot of Gallo brands, gained popularity for their value when sold at Walmart stores and have had continued success at other large supermarkets such as Safeway.

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Bishop of Durham - Wikipedia The Bishop of Durham is the Anglican bishop responsible for the Diocese of Durham in the Province of York.The diocese is one of the oldest in England and its bishop is a member of the House of Lords. Paul Butler has been the Bishop of Durham since his election was confirmed at York Minster on 20 January 2014. The previous bishop was Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury.

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Articles by subject - The Building Conservation Directory Subject index for articles on Landscape and Townscape: Archaeology and Garden Reconstruction - Brian Dix ; Buildings at Risk: Some Questions and Solutions - Ian Lush; Cobbles, Setts and Historic Townscape - Colin Davis; Conservation Areas - Richard MacCullagh.

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History | Ripon Cathedral Welcome to the very special history of Ripon Cathedral. We can trace our foundation to the middle of the seventh century, when the monastery established on this site was a power- house in the development of Christianity in England and abroad.

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